Konversations with Karibee – Oluwatobi Adesanya

Konversations with Karibee – Oluwatobi Adesanya

This week we are speaking to the dynamic Oluwatobi Adesanya, an author, professional ghostwriter and a publisher. I am really excited about this interview because Oluwatobi discusses what lies at the other end of finishing your book – the publishing process. He recently published his debut book through his publishing firm Heart2World.

We get to hear his thoughts on his book titled Quantum LEAP (Irrefutable Principles To Take You From Where You Are To Where You Should Be). To discover his inspiration and nuggets of wisdom, read on!
Karibee: You are a man of many hats – a ghostwriter, publisher and an author. How do you juggle these roles?Adesanya: I’m simply one person finding expression in different areas of life. I believe when one is gifted, one can find expression in many areas than one. I’ve always being a believer in the fact that when you develop one area of your gifting, it opens up the door to more opportunities and avenues to find expression in other areas. Being a ghostwriter, author, and a publisher still flow together. This is why I run a publishing company where all these roles can be expressed to the fullest.
Karibee: What inspired you to write Quantum LEAP?
Adesanya: I believe every book has its season. I was inspired to write Quantum Leap because I realized that many people I’ve met and seen, have dreams and visions they have caught before now which they have not acted on. Many people have an idea of what they the future holds for them, some have even written these dreams down and told many people about them. But sadly, they have done nothing about them.

Quantum Leap was written to provide that PUSH to take the leap into the dream and future they have always desired to have.

I believe the world will be a better place if we all courageously took steps in the direction of our dreams. The book was written to give courage, strength, wisdom, direction, and even correction to everyone desiring to win the game of life and destiny in a big way.

Karibee: What does your writing space look like?
Adesanya: My writing space is first and foremost my mind. I see everything up in my head before I ever write down a word. Typically, I’ve got a standard fan that cools my brain while taking away the sweat that trickle down unnoticed when I’m in the heat of churning words I believe will change the world. Then, I’ve got my PC on my CEO Table and Chair (That’s what I call it)… Then, there are books on the table, and then everywhere around me there are books scattered. Books are always on my bed and around me… I also have some notes stuck to the wall that contain some goals for the year.
Karibee: You run a publishing outfit called Heart2World. When and how did you launch this?
Adesanya: Heart2World came as a dream to help aspiring authors achieve their dreams of becoming authors. It started from a conversation with a friend. It came as a spark in my mind that fateful day. I said, “I could turn this into a business… helping people write, publish, sell, market their books to their audience all over the world…” That’s where the idea of Heart-2-World came in… I believe everyone has a story to share, an idea to reveal, or some experience to teach others. So, we help to capture their heart’s idea or story through ghostwriting and then publish their books for them. I started in 2016. It wasn’t until November before I ventured into it fully.
Karibee: How do you select or decide on the authors you publish on your platform?
Adesanya: A number of people reach out to us to help them get their books out. The way we operate is simple. We are still growing to the point of partially or fully funding people’s books. Right now, asides helping them publish their books with their funds, we provide additional book marketing techniques and also help to sell some copies of the books we produce for our authors.
Karibee: What are your thoughts on self-publishing versus traditional publishing?
Adesanya: Each of them have their merits. Traditional publishing has been around for a long time and has been the route that many authors took to fame. However, not everyone gets to be picked by publishing houses. Perhaps only 1% of aspiring authors can be catered for by publishing houses. Publishing houses have a lot of merit. They provide expert support, branding, the market to sell, and even give the author royalties at the end of the day. Self-publishing is more daring and tasking, but it will give the author the greatest rewards and benefits when the work is done properly. The author here has to assemble his own team and strategize to win the audience.
Karibee: Some authors say that the hard work isn’t writing the book, it’s getting the information out there. Do you have any tips on book marketing?
Adesanya: Marketing is harder than writing. I always subscribe to begin the marketing long before the book is out. In fact, begin campaigns and publicity stunts once the idea has been conceived in your heart as the author. Set a launch team that will help broadcast the message to their contacts. Guest post on other platforms. Then as the book release draws near, create a pre-order package which people can buy into before the book ever comes out. These are some of the few strategies we engage.
Karibee: What is your favourite quote from a book?   
Adesanya: There are several. Let me pick this: “You do not exist for yourself. You exist for the purpose of adding value to your environment.”
Karibee: Finally, what should your readers take away from your debut book?
Adesanya: I want everyone who reads to find COURAGE to leap into the dreams they have always believed they could achieve. I believe greatness is not far from any of us. Greatness is not gender-specific or race-specific. Anyone, everyone can be great only if we take the leap into it.


Are you ready to leap into your future? You can get Adesanya’s Quantum Leap here now.

Visit Heart2World Publishing to view their range of books.



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Photo Credit: Frank Mckenna on Unsplash

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