2017 Hot Books! My Top 5 ‘To Be Read’ List

2017 Hot Books! My Top 5 ‘To Be Read’ List

Well, 2017 is shaping up to be a really exciting year in the book industry, with a wide range of genres to pick from. There are a number of recent releases that I have heard great reviews about and I’m looking forward to digging into them.

Particularly from Nigeria, we have one author’s debut memoir flying off the shelves. An unexpected bestselling author in the stylish form of Toke Makinwa, a TV and Radio personality, has got everyone discussing her book “On Becoming” since its launch last November. Her book reveals Toke in a light never seen by the public before, a proper eye opener.

Chibundu Onuzo has also taken a stride and released “Welcome to Lagos”, a story about surviving the side streets of Lagos amidst corrupt government activities. In this book, an unlikely band of individuals must do their best to thrive in unpleasant circumstances.

Yaa Gyasi, a Ghanaian-American, intrigues us with her debut novel “Homegoing” which outlines the effect of slavery through several generations and across three continents.

Deftly moving over into the crime novel genre, we have “Behind Her Eyes” by Sarah Pinborough to keep us awake at night. I hear it’s a major plot twister so I expect to be stunned.

Finally, ending my top 5 to be read list on a light note is Sophie Kinsella’s new book – “My not so perfect life”.  True to form, Kinsella takes a humorous  approach to dealing with the issue of perception versus reality.

A kind friend has already sent me a copy of On Becoming so it’s ready, set and go from here on.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “2017 Hot Books! My Top 5 ‘To Be Read’ List”

  • I have read Toke Makinwa’s On Becoming and It is a very compelling read and has changed my perception about her. I also want to read Homecoming really bad, heard good things about it.

  • I have read Toke’s book and have ‘Welcome to Lagos’ on my radar for March. I heard its really good so can’t wait!
    I just finished reading ‘Lord of the Flies’. Lol I know I am decades late but finally decided to read it and ended up getting depressed. Good thing it wasnt that long.
    Please post a list of classics as I am really into that lately. 😉

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