Mum On The Run by Fiona Gibson

Mum On The Run by Fiona Gibson

Title: Mum on the run

Author: Fiona Gibson

Date published: February 2011

Happy Friday! I thought I’d do a quick post on an e-book I read a while back.

“Mum on the run” is the first Fiona Gibson book I’ve read. I was searching for a light-hearted book and was attracted to the cover of this one. The truth is, I love chick-lit novels and because I got it free on Samsung Play books I didn’t expect much from it, just something to make me smile.

It was a lot better than I expected and I’m honestly surprised it was given out for free. It’s quite funny all through the book but still tells a very insightful story. The protagonist, Laura, is a married mom of three and has lost her ‘oomph’. She has gained a bit of weight and now does all the mummy things without properly taking out time to take care of herself. To top this, her relationship with the hubby has also grown stale as her husband is now attracted to someone else – his young and slender French colleague.

After a particularly embarrassing scene during the Mother’s race at her kid’s school, Laura decides to make a life change and takes up jogging, thus beginning her journey to confidence and self-discovery. She makes a new friend along the way and goes through a number of “sticky” situations, some of it just plain ridiculous (obviously just for the comedic factor) and others actually a bit emotional with life lessons attached.

In general it was a lovely, funny book. Not as seriously thought provoking for me, but it did make me want to pick up my trainers and head out for a refreshing jog!

You can get Mum on the run on Amazon UK here. Please let me know your thoughts on it, did you love it or was the story line a bit too predictable?


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  • Oh I liked this book too.. It was easy to read and light-hearted. There were a few ‘cringy’ moments for Laura lol! But I liked how it ended. Real nice…

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