How To Spring Clean Your Book Collection

How To Spring Clean Your Book Collection

The first week of April heralds colourful flowers in full bloom and clear skies. Grab your feather dusters and open up the windows, it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning. For all the book addicts out there with never ending to-be-read lists or an embarrassing collection of nostalgic literature, this is the perfect time to declutter your book collection and free up some shelves (and some mind space too).

Get your reading space back to nirvana by following these steps:

~ SORT ~

~ Sort your books into piles by picking out your favourites. Ditch the books that you’ve only read once and have no interest in revisiting. Finally, set aside the non-fiction reference books that are obsolete. The Internet may never completely replace reference books. However, it can undeniably prove to be a very efficient replacement for many of your reference books.


~ It’s time to distribute the books. Donate to your local second-hand bookstores and the local library. Organisations like Books 2 Africa also receive book donations to help build libraries in Africa. Do you think your books are in really great condition and you can make a few extra pennies? Try selling them on Amazon marketplace, or simply take the traditional route of hosting a yard sale.



~ Place your book collections together. Coordinate the stand-alone books by colour or by size to give them a semblance of uniformity. Pull all books to the front edge of the shelves. Be flexible and leave some open space on the shelves. Fill these empty spots with book ends and intricate decor pieces. Visit the Bookworm Boutique for unique bookish art. Introduce a lounge or arm chair with fluffy pillows to finish off the perfect reading space.


All that’s left to do is to brew a cup of tea and settle in for an hour or two of cosy reading!



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