Free Story Planner Printables for Your Next Novel

Free Story Planner Printables for Your Next Novel

It’s the last week of the year and we are steadily rolling into the new one. Around this time, we begin to reflect on the past year. What could we have done differently, what did we achieve, and what do we hope to achieve in the new year? I’ve been doing some reflecting too and thought to share some handy tips which helped me achieve my writing goals this year.

If you’re interested in writing your book, then some planning will help you a great deal. Generally, planning helps you have a clear overview of what you want to write about. Furthermore, it helps create a detailed look into how you journey from start to finish. For instance, a concise outline of your book ensures that even if you drop the ball midway, you can always review the outline and get right back on track.

To help you with this, I’ve created a writing worksheet for your story premise and outline, simply click here to download yours free!

The first worksheet is a Story Premise Planner. This works as an initial overview sheet.

Here you can define the setting by indicating the place and time of the story. The background of the main character and antagonist should be detailed in their respective boxes. You should also specify what these characters want in the story.

The situation describes what is happening at the beginning of the story. The inciting event details what upsets the situation and inevitably introduces the conflict. In the conflict section, describe how the main characters react to the inciting event. Remember to highlight the stakes here. Finally, in the resolution draw everything to a close.

In addition, I have created several outlining sheets. Outlining was the biggest help for me this year and if you’ve never tried it before, why not give it a chance and see if it will help you smash your 2018 writing goals!

Happy writing people and have a happy New Year!

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