Flash Fiction – ‘Click.Pose.Click’

Flash Fiction – ‘Click.Pose.Click’

Click. Pose. Click.

I squint at the picture I had just taken on my iPhone.

Darn that double chin, I think.

Arm stretched out higher, I dip my chin to create a slimmer profile.

Click. Click. Click.

Scrutinise again…

My nose looks a bit oily. The scorching sun is beginning to take its toll on my make-up. I begin to search for my Mac compact powder deep within my bag.

From the corner of my eye, I notice an elderly couple sitting on the park bench next to me, watching me with keen interest. I’ve been at this for fifteen minutes at least.

Compact Powder located, I dab my nose with the puff. On second thoughts, I dab my fore head as well.

Click. Tilt head to the left. Click. Widen my eyes for a doe-eyed look. Click.

Way too much teeth this time, Lara.

I pucker my lips and stare coyly up into the camera again. I click rapidly this time, hoping to get at least one picture I’ll be satisfied with.

A bit more scrutiny. I look quite constipated. I hear the old couple chuckle and I stiffen involuntarily.

I say over and over in my mind: I’m a fashion blogger, the world is my oyster.

Hoping those words will drown out the other phrases tumbling through my thoughts:

You look ridiculous. This is never going to pay off. I’m thirsty and need to get out of this heat!

I relax my pout and lean back on the park bench. The shade of the tree behind me engulfs me and I take a moment to look around.

I guess I should just head home and decide on a picture to upload on to my social media accounts.

I begin to think of possible hash tags – #ootd, #fashioninstinct, #instafabulous, #feelingmydamnself

None of which truly convey how I feel right now, but were supposed to get me more hits and consequently more followers. This should eventually lead to money in my pockets. The ultimate plan being that one day I can quit my dead end job in Telesales and start making a living off my love for fashion.

But with the way today was going, this dream seemed farther away from reality than usual.


I sit up surprised and stare into the camera lens that had just taken a picture of me.

The old lady from the bench next to mine stood right in front of me grinning widely with a Nikon camera in hand. She steps closer and tilts the screen so I could look at it.

I look stunning. Staring into space, relaxed, sophisticated and gorgeous. It was the exact look I had been searching for all day.

“I can send it to you if you like?” she says

I feel all sorts of emotions and can only mouth “thank you” while nodding furiously.

“Child all you needed to do was ask” She chuckles as she sits next to me to begin the transfer.


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  • haha!!! these words speak straight to my heart; this is exactly how i feel when i’m on my blogging role, i’m yet to feel powerfully confident in the midst of the crowd whilst my picture is being taken; hopefully i’ll get an old woman who’ll take me that perfect picture.

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