Book Review: ‘Raindrops’ by Ayo Ajumobi

Book Review: ‘Raindrops’ by Ayo Ajumobi


Author:                  Ayo Ajumobi

Publisher:             Self-published

Year Published:  May 2016

‘Raindrops’ is a moving story set in the beautiful woodlands of North America. It is told from the quite unexpected view point of Hardy, a 200-year-old tree. As we progress through the story, we experience the world through nature’s eyes. From the squirrels and birds to the foxes and bears, we encounter animal life as Mother nature designed it to be.

Over the years, Hardy and the other trees cared for and watched over the animals in the forest. We see the special interaction between the animals and their environment. But change was on its’ way and when it arrived, nothing was ever the same again.

Ajumobi is a skilled story-teller. He weaves the narrative from the damp caves of Bree the bear, all the way to the back porches of the lumberjack families. We see the stark contrasts between the natural and the unnatural as he deftly juxtaposes trees to buildings and pet animals to cars.

One strong element of Raindrops is the unique way Ajumobi gives life and emotions to our natural habitat. His words are heartfelt and are laid out in a manner that evokes powerful feelings in the reader. In this excerpt below, Hardy describes a rainstorm;

“We start touching, moving our branches, whispering. We start to feel the rain, soft little droplets, tiny little pats on our barks. It wets our leaves, flows down our branches, down our trunks. Our whispers get louder and louder.”

Although this isn’t your typical fiction book, it reads like one and succeeds at sending a message to the reader. My experience reading it was very enlightening and I would recommend it to preservationists and non-environmentalists alike. It rekindles the passion of activists and nature lovers. While others who haven’t previously considered these issues will now be made aware of the importance of preserving our environment. We do have only one world, so we should take better care of it.

This book will draw at the strings of your heart, urging you to question your decisions about nature and wildlife. It’s a crisp, short book with a strong message that lingers with you long after you’ve turned the last page.


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Photo by Joren Aranas on Unsplash

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