B is for ‘Book Tag’

B is for ‘Book Tag’

The internet is a fascinating place, it’s like a tapestry that weaves a multitude of people together. We connect over mutual interests and make new friends (some who even begin to feel like family). But all in all, we learn and we laugh and we love. The bookstagram community on Instagram is one such place, pooling together an amazing collection of book lovers and keen readers.

As I pondered over this, I realised I could share a bit more about myself. And what better way to achieve this than via a book tag? So here are a few questions and answers for my followers here at Karibee to give a peek into my bookish interests, I hope you enjoy them!


What is your favourite book genre?
I’m often found reading a contemporary novel, but I generally read a wide range of books – Fantasy, Literary fiction, as well as religious and business non-fiction books.

Can you stop reading anytime you want or do have to stop at a certain page or chapter?
I can stop reading anytime. I guess having to get off a train at my stop doesn’t leave much room for choice.

Do you love discussing books once you’re done?
Oh yes, I’m always making book suggestions to my friends so I can have someone to chat with once I’m done reading them.

Used or brand new?
A mix of both. Used, brand new… it’s what’s within that matters.

One book at the time of several at once?
Definitely several at once. I usually have a paperback and an e-book in progress simultaneously.

Breaking the spine or keeping it new?
Breaking the spine. I’m only fussed about marks and stains on books. A broken spine indicates a well-read book in my opinion.

Do you write in books?
I’m cringing at the thought of that, so no.

What is your favourite classic book?
Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre. They pull at my heartstrings every single time.

Last page: Read it first or save until the end?
I love the intrigue of waiting until the end. I sometimes don’t read blurbs for the same reason.

Do you read before bed?
No. I’m quite busy with life as a mom and my day job, so once it gets to bedtime I’m exhausted and would rather just dive into bed!

Do you smell your books?
Yesss : )


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