Hi there, I’m Emi, a Book blogger based in London.

I created Karibee Books out of my passion to promote the reading culture by building a dynamic book community. Karibee Books will ideally act as a platform for book reviews, discussions and updates from the literary world.

I grew up surrounded by books. My mother, Geraldine Kalango, is a School Proprietress and her late father worked within the Education ministry for years. Interestingly, the name ‘Karibee’ is a nod to my maternal Grandfather – Anthony Karibi Bob-Manuel, who was the first person to peak my interest in books by letting me read and play with classic paperbacks from his book shelf even as a young child.

In recent times, it seems the book community is more notably portrayed as being dull and lack lustre. More or less identified as a group of people who live their lives within the pages of the books they read, rarely engaging with the world around them. Karibee Books aims to shatter that notion.

As an IT professional living in an urban city, I have keen interests in style and technology; but books have always been my first love and I’m hoping to use this platform to create a community which will help nurture aspiring writers, and inspire avid readers.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll stick around, so that together we can get as many people reading again.