A Surprise Chat with Sophie Kinsella

A Surprise Chat with Sophie Kinsella

Last Saturday began like any other random day with a long list of mundane tasks to work on. Squeezed into this tight ‘to-do’ list, my husband Mr T suddenly had the great idea to add on a trip to the mall. The practical side of me wasn’t interested, but with a bit of persuasion and the promise that it would be a quick one, I finally agreed. Apparently, all I needed to do was tag along while he sorted some things out and met up with a colleague. It didn’t sound too bad. Did I wonder why he had insisted on having me with him? Yes, for a brief moment I did. But then I figured he was keen on some family bonding time and so off we went.

I must confess, I spent the drive to the mall darting my attention between my mind (where I kept track of my steadily increasing list) and the conversation in the car. However once we arrived, I began to relax and really get in the moment.

A winding search for his “colleague” led us to Waterstones, where a short line of people queued by the entrance. In fine showman style, Mr T spreads his arms wide and says “She’s here!”. It took me a good second or two to understand what he meant. Then I registered the author’s image on the notice board, the novels deftly tucked into the hands of the waiting people and I realised we were at Sophie Kinsella’s book signing.

To say I love Sophie Kinsella (real name Madeleine Wickham) is an understatement. Her funny and romantic stories are a welcome escape from everyday adulthood. This was a pleasant surprise I definitely wasn’t expecting! I joined the queue, Mr T again produced my copy of ‘My not so Perfect Life’ which was hidden deep in his coat pocket, and shortly after I was chatting with her as she signed the book.

Three words to describe her – Authentic, Lovely and Refreshing. She is very easy to speak to and her witty nature reveals why her books are peppered with such humour. She was pleased to hear about Karibee Books and the novel was consequently dedicated to the blog.

The chat was brief and full of laughter, but just as quickly as it started it came to an end. The pictures were taken and we left to spend the rest of the day shopping. Suffice it to say that my “oh so important to-do list” was buried at the bottom of my memory until we got back home. Do keep an eye out for the book review, should be out shortly!

“Never give up on something you really want. However impossible things seem, there’s always a way.”

― Sophie Kinsella, Mini Shopaholic




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