1. TenTen

    Great review! I also felt the book was a bit lacking on how she grew her career and obstacles she faced at work. But yea, I guess the book was more focused on her love and heartbreak journey. The fact that one chapter was blank was also quite creative and different.

  2. Hi,
    Beautifully written.
    I read Unbecoming a week after it was published, just like you I had always been intrigued by Toke’s rise to fame. I wanted to know what made her tick and why she never seemed bothered about the rumours, insults and questions about her personal life. From her story, I can see why she made certain decisions and stuck with them. I guess through her experiences, she realised pretty early that she had to take the course of her life in her hands and guide them the way she wanted.
    Many women, especially in Nigeria fail to do this. We allow the dictates of our society to determine the choices we make concerning our bodies, relationships and ideals.
    I am glad Toke bared it all, her vulnerability and her strengths. I also wish her well with this new chapter of life. I do hope she shares maybe in a later book, how she grew her audience and became the most popular online personality in Nigeria.

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